Neurology is the branch that deals with disorders of the nervous system, which includes the brain, blood vessels, muscles, and nerves.


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Nervous System

The word neurology consists of two words “neuron” meaning “nerve” and “logia” meaning “study”.

The main areas of neurology are the autonomic, central, and peripheral nervous systems. A doctor who works in the field of neurology is called a neurologist. RECMED doctors apply to many treatment methods, especially the following main topics.


In brain surgery called a craniotomy, a window is opened in the brain area and the window is closed after removing the tumor from it and performing the cleaning process. A craniotomy is the most preferred method for brain tumor removal and is considered the most effective way to clear the brain from the tumor.

In this method, the patient’s hair is cut and the bone in the skull is removed, and some or all of the tumor in the brain is removed and cleaned. In case the tumor cannot be completely removed; After removing as much of it as possible, the skull bone is placed back in place and the operation is terminated by performing the closure on the skin.

Scoliosis Surgery

Scoliosis, which is caused by the curvature of the vertebrae to the right or left or rotating around itself due to different reasons, can seriously affect the life of the person if it starts at a young age and is not treated.

Protect the Spinal Cord


In necessary patients, it may be possible to restore the spine with early interventions and simple surgical procedures. At this stage, the most important point is to perform the right surgery at the right time, to protect the spinal cord while correcting the spine and bone structure

The success rates are extremely high with imaging devices used in scoliosis surgery and special tools to prevent spinal cord and nerve damage. While doing these, the patient and his family should be in contact with their doctors for many years. In addition, scoliosis treatment requires a long-term follow-up.

The mobility of the spine is less after scoliosis surgery. In frontal treatment, the thorax is lifted from the underarm area and the patient is treated. The disadvantage of this operation is that it requires the use of a corset after the operation. The advantages of scoliosis surgery are that the spine remains more mobile and that the suture scars remain under the arm, thus making it look more aesthetic.

Deep Brain Stimulation

Deep brain stimulation, known as a brain battery, is the stimulation of certain specific areas of the brain using electrodes and a battery. This process suppresses the abnormal signals produced by the brain.

The cases where deep brain stimulation is applied are Parkinson’s disease, hands, feet or head, tremor disease, Dystonia disease.

Brain Tumour Treatment

Brain tumors are tumors located inside the skull and may show obvious symptoms depending on the increase in pressure. Severe headaches, nausea, and vomiting are among the most important symptoms. Brain tumors include tumors that originate from the surrounding tissues and grow into the skull, as well as tumors that form within the brain itself.

Surgical Treatment


With surgical treatment, pathological examination is required to remove the tumor, relieve the brain and nerves, and determine the tumor type.

There have been significant developments in the field of chemotherapy in recent years. Chemotherapy, which is generally used in malignant tumors, prolongs the life of patients and sometimes provides complete recovery.

However, sometimes drug treatments are needed, especially in benign tumors, as well as in pituitary gland tumors. Radiation therapy has been used in brain tumors for a very long time. In addition, methods such as Gamma Knife and CyberKnife, which are called radiosurgery, are also used in brain tumor treatment.


Microdiscectomy is the best treatment method in the treatment of lumbar hernia.

Microdiscectomy is performed with general or spinal anesthesia and a very small skin incision (1-1.5 cm). Muscle tissue is barely stripped. Less bone is taken.

Since the microscope and microsurgical instruments are used, the probability of nerve damage is very low. The amount of bleeding in microsurgery is very small. After microdiscectomy, patients get up in 6 hours and patients can go home after 1 night in the hospital.

Spinal Fusion

Spinal fusion is an intervention to permanently immobilize part of the spine. Spinal Fusion can also be a primary or additional procedure as the main part of the surgical procedure. Thus, months after the operation, the vertebrae become a whole.

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